Still on Nigeria’s restructuring

WHAT we are hearing concerning how politicians mismanage our commonwealth is really giving Nigerians cause for concern. Nigerian politics is too attractive, and that is why people struggle to attain political offices at all cost.

We, therefore, need to cut the number of political positions in the country. In actual fact, what members of the state and Federal Assemblies are doing can be done on part-time basis. Since they don’t sit on a daily basis, then nothing stops them from being part-time legislators.

Most of those who go into politics today do not really have the interest of the people at heart, but what they will gain from the positions they hold. That is why we have governors who had served two terms of eight years still going to the Senate. After being governors for eight years, what zeal do they have left to debate motions in the Senate? People have been calling for a political restructuring of the country for some time now, and it is high time something was done about it.

  • Samson Tonge,

Badagry, Lagos State.