Why Shina Peller dropped Tillaman from record label

There seems to be a lot going on in the life of  Tillaman at the moment as information reaching R suggested that all may not be well between him and Shina Peller’s Aquila record label.

Just a year and two months after Tillaman was unveiled by Aquila records as one of its artistes, the singer has called it quits with the record label.

Though no reason was given by the artiste, it was gathered that the singer is also in the process of starting his own record label. R gathered from a source close to the record label that Tillaman was dropped from the record label because he could not justify the huge investement the alleged had put on him.

Tillaman, it will be recalled, was unveiled last year June alongside Que Peller and Base one by the record label owned by night club boss, Shina Peller. Just one year after the deal was signed, Tillaman has been dropped by the label so as to pave way for other artistes on the label to grow and move their career to the next level.

No official statement has been released to the effect from Aquila,  but it was learnt that the decision to let Tilla leave was mutual. In vestigation by R also revealed that Tilla, as he’s fondly called, decided to quit the label because he was said not to be pleased with the direction the label was taking his music career to.

A sibling of the Shina Peller, Que Peller, who is also an artiste on the label, is said to be the new bride now as the artiste is getting more attention from the top hierachy of the label.

According to a statement from Aquila records spokesperson, Ibrahim Skillz, “Tillaman is fresh off his contract with erstwhile label, Aquila records, and while he awaits the details of pending deal between the new label he’s floating and a renowned UK-based international outfit to be finalised, he is going ahead to introduce his brand new outlook to fans, the media and the public. “

Tilla’s new brand sees him embrace his cultural ingenuity more, with his outfits favoring local fabrics and designs over foreign ones.

To further bring this new era closer to fans, Tilla, in collaboration with friends, will be touring different venues across the country in a tour tagged Tillaman and Friends.”