Saluting GEJ’s message of unity

FORMER President Goodluck Jonathan is a good man, and he is someone who wants the progress of his country.

First, after he lost the presidency, unlike other sit-tight African leaders, Dr Jonathan willingly relinquished the position. This singular act is a lesson for other African and future Nigerian leaders, and since he left the presidency, he has been meeting his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari, on how to tackle the challenges facing the country, particularly the Niger Delta insurgency.

After meeting President Buhari last week, Dr Jonathan said Nigerians should unite because this is the only way to command respect in the world.

He said if we should fragmentalise, then we will be forgotten by the world. In essence, Dr Jonathan said those calling for secession should forget the idea, and instead, work for the development of the country. This is the mind of somebody who truly believes in the Nigerian dream.

Although Dr Jonathan gave his best while he was president, a lot of factors were responsible for what happened during his presidency. One good thing now is that Nigerians can see that here was a president who truly loved his country.


  • Onome George,


Delta State.