Re: What else can I do?

D ear Ola, life is short. Life gives you what you give him. If you are positive about life, it will be positive to you too. Anticipate your future, have a self-oriented good mind. You made a mistake by cursing your wife and son. There is no curse without a cause. Don’t blame your ex-wife and son, have a positive attitude towards life and also discover your talent, 08177551700.

Dear Ola, what is the relationship between you and your parents? Hope you have not been cursed too? Do you still relate with the church? You still need the church for better advice. Light, 09036803002.

Ola, your problem is still amenable. You have taken an objective decision in settling for another wife, but went wrong by allowing an absconded wife to settle with you again through your son. Also, you took wrong decision in cursing your child and his mother. Forgive them because to err is human and forgiveness is divine. Best of luck, Lasun Azeez Omosanya, Iseyin, 09026522426.

Ola, you were too hasty in arriving at the decision to curse your former wife and her son. Humanly speaking, what had befallen you is unimaginable, but you should have waited on God. Now that you have taken laws into your hand, what is now left of you? All you need now is to ask God for forgiveness as you equally take time to make peace with all those concerned even if you are not going to have the first woman under your roof again- Joy, Jos.

Ola, as much as I sympathise with you on this nasty experience of yours, you never allowed dust raised in your first marriage to settle before getting married to another woman. Did you dig into the root of the exit of your first wife? Though having waited for 10 years might have been long in your estimation, but what can you point at now as the reward of your 10-year wait? Ola, were you legally /formally separated with the woman in question? If you did not, I will counsel you do the needful. You have to consult with your second wife’s parents on the way forward. Your peace is very important please. Jacob, Ajah, Lagos.

Ola, you need to examine yourself properly so as to know where you got it wrong. Is it in estimation of yourself or expectations from others? If you take time to do a critique of yourself, it will afford you the opportunity of not being disappointed on many fronts. Always give room for individual differences. God bless you, Cletus.

Dear Ola, thank God for the achievement in spite of the hiccups on your way to self-actualisation. Your determination is commended. I doubt if you had told us the real reason why your first wife decided to live you after three children. Though you claimed in your letter that the church waded in the matter, but your wife’s father has remained adamant. What steps did you take to curry his favour in settling the issue between you and your ex wife? It appears to me that you are hiding something from your in laws, hence her father’s decision not to agree with the church’s intervention. As a civil servant, what was this woman doing for a living before she left with all you had worked for?

How were you able to know that your son poured salt on your car’s engine as well as poisoned your daughter? You might have made false assumption and reacted wrongfully.

Now that the second woman’s parents have counseled their daughter to call it quits with you, are you not of the view that you need to dig deep into your background to actually pinpoint the source of your crisis with the women who have come your way.

Once you are able to trace this, the solution is at hand. But I want to believe you have learnt a lesson by not being too rash in taking major life decisions. You need to be more positive about life. Never at any point of your life avenge for any wrong done to you, but allow God to take over the battle