PROJECT FAME 9: Emotions as another contestant exits

Last weekend, lovers of MTN Project Fame season 9 bid two contestants goodbye again as the competition got stiffer.

Although the contestants’ beautiful group performance momentarily eased the tension and suspense that is characteristic of Elimination shows, the reality of the dire situation settled on everyone when the moment of truth came for the contestants on probation- Pere, Yusuph, Oluchi, Winner, Dapo, and Mirabel.

Pere was revealed to have had the highest viewers’ votes hence he was not required to perform again. The rest- Yusuph, Winner, Oluchi, Dapo, & Mirabel had to fight for a lifeline back into the competition with their performances.

One of the contestants, Winner got her lifeline from the Judges, Dapo was saved by the Faculty, while Mirabel was voted back into the competition by the contestants who were not on probation.

Sadly, Yusuph and Oluchi had to say goodbye.

Yusuph bowed out of the competition singing the late Nomoreloss’ hit track ‘Iyawo asiko’ while Oluchi paid a tribute to the late Keffee as she performed ‘Kokoroko’.

While the sixth nomination night was a beautiful one which saw the contestants paying tribute to music legends who left indelible marks in the sand of time before they went to rest.

The series of tribute performances was opened by the Academy Music Director himself, Ben Ogbeiwi aka Uncle Ben who paid tribute to the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti by performing the Afro legend’s song titled ‘Water no get enemy’. His magnificent performance was indeed a delightful surprise to the audience who didn’t see it coming!

The delight continued as the remaining eight contestants delivered mind blowing performances that probably got the late original song owners smiling down from heaven.

After all the performances, the judges thought it best to exempt three outstanding contestants- Kitay, Okiemute and Winner from the probation list for the week. Hence, Elizabeth (5), Dapo (3), Eli (4), Mirabel (10), and Pere (13) are on probation, with the likelihood of being eliminated next week. However, viewers have the power to save your favourite of these 5 by voting massively to keep them in the competition.