OLED TV emerges new growth engine in technology

According to industry experts, there has been a growing interest in OLED TV as it is expected to dominate the next-generation TV market and is forecasted to emerge as the new growth engine in TV technology.

Experts further asserted that what distinguishes OLED TV from other TV technologies is that OLED has the ability to turn each individual pixel on or off. This, according to them, makes backlighting unnecessary, which allows for the TV to display perfect black and an infinite contrast, and that, therefore, OLED TVs can represent crisp, nuanced images even when tiny objects are placed in a dark area..

According to a statement from LG Electronics, OLED technology has several advantages and in addition to being lighter and thinner due to lack of a backlight, OLED TV’s offer excellent picture quality. Because OLED pixels emit light directly, viewing angles are much wider, plus colour and contrast stay the same regardless of viewing angle. And because each pixel can be turned off individually, OLED TVs can do their best to deliver an absolute black and an infinite contrast ratio.

Backed by 50 years of experience in the TV business, LG has built a new TV category with its OLED TV and the company is ready to bring future display technologies to current TV consumers as the world’s leading OLED TV producer.

Mr Kevin Cha, President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa, said of the development: From giving the world and the industry first large sized TVs, to the smartest TV interface, broadcast compatibility and best picture quality, LG’s history marks it all. With a projected increase in demand for OLED TVs, LG is keen on dominating the premium 4K TV market by increasing product supply of its OLED TVs, a completely new category of television pioneered by LG. Both industry experts and consumers have recognised LG OLED TV for its picture quality and design.

“LG has long been a leader in the television market, continuing to raise the bar with its innovative TVs. Since the introduction of the company’s first OLED TV, LG has been increasing its commitment to this revolutionary technology with each passing year. Our concerted efforts have fostered substantial market potential for this latest TV format. Globally, this has resulted in a positive impact on the sales of OLED, and we believe the strong potential of the product is creating a positive sentiment among consumers across the world including the Middle East & Africa while creating an enhanced and improved viewing experience.”

Speaking further, Cha said it provides an unrivalled HDR experience with images that look more real, with more perceived depth and crisper, more vibrant colours. He added that by starting from perfect black, which only OLED can achieve. LG OLED TVs are able to produce the required light ranges for HDR at a lower peak brightness, resulting in an exceptional, comfortable HDR viewing experience.