NGOs collaborate to cleanup Nigerian universities

OAU campus

As part of its vision to rid Nigeria of environmental dirt, convener of the Cleanup Nigeria project, Passion House, with Susty Vibes, has collaborated with the Environmental Control and Management Students’ Association (ECOMSA), Institute of Ecology and Environmental Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), to conduct a cleanup exercise of the campus.

Scheduled to hold this weekend, the event which is the first in the series of cleanup exercises across universities in the country, will further drive the organisations’ respective campaigns to clean up Nigeria, stare down on pollution and promote environmental sustainability.

Executive Director of Passion House, Mr Alex Akhigbe, said the project would provide a platform for young people in the universities to be agent of positive change in their communities, and further drive the message of having a pollution-free environment on campuses.

The trio, Passion House, Susty Vibes and ECOMSA have identified that civil engagement is crucial to achieving this goal, and would be combining the energy of young people with the passion of environmentalists in OAU.

“The planet earth is all we have in common and it is our responsibility to protect it and rid it of pollution,” Akhigbe said.

Jennifer Uchendu of Susty Vibes, said “any project that promotes the need for community engagement in pollution activities must be supported and brought to reality and SustyVibes is committed to partnering for a sustainable Nigeria.”

President of ECOMSA, Wole Adegbule, also affirmed the relevance of cleanliness as a means of inculcating environmental education in Nigerian institutions, which he noted as an area ECOMSA is passionate about.