Mistaken identity lands comedian in trouble

A popular comedian suffered total humiliation recently when policemen from one of the Oyel states arrested him and brought him to Ambode state for what we gathered, was over an offence he did not commit.

The comedian, whose stage name is the popular street word for bragging, landed in trouble over a mistaken identity. He was said to have been arrested in the Oyel state in connection with a stolen phone.

Olofofo told Nosey Parker that the comedian went through the humiliation because he shared a similar number with a phone stolen by some hoodlums. It was gathered that the phone number the police were looking for was almost the same with the comedian’s.

According to our usual reliable sources, the comedian was not only arrested in the presence of his wife and children in the Oyel state, he was brought down to Ambode state in just a pair of boxers because he was arrested in his house early in the morning.

However, when the policemen contacted the network provider of the stolen phone, they found out that they had made a mistake in the arrest, apologised to him and allowed him go.

But the story all over the Oyel city in the Oyel state where he was arrested was that he was arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping.