Live music still best option for real enthusiasts

Adeyeye Adesanmi Michael is a popular name in entertainment circles in Lagos as the head of the ‘Rockers Band’. Having serenaded audiences around Nigeria, ROTIMI IGE caught up with him recently and presents excerpts of their interaction.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am from Ifewara, Osun State, but raised in Lagos. I am married and blessed with a lovely son. I love music and music is what I do for a living.


When and how did you discover your talent for music?

I have been singing since I was a kid. According to my mum, learning how to speak as a little child was through music, so I sang first before talking as a child, also joining the choir at a tender age helped a lot too.


Musical influences while growing up…

My dad was a musician and  worked with musicians like Ebenezer Obey, his childhood friend, Yemi Kuti and lots of others. So listening to their live records and even seeing them perform live encouraged me a lot.


So you are not a recording artiste?

I love live music because it allows you to express yourself more. Meanwhile, I am also a recording artiste too. I have an abulm to my credit already titled ‘Expression’.


Critics say live music is the best form of music?

Yes, live music is the best. It gives you more chance to express yourself the more and give room for creativity. It shows one’s originality and professionalism.


If not music?

If not music, I will  probably be working in bank or something in the finance line because I actually studied accounting.


What genre of music do you do?

I do good music especially good African music.


What other projects are you working on?

I am working on a lot of musical projects and will unfold to the public very soon.


Critics say most artistes rely only on good beats for hit songs not lyrics?

Good beat without good message always fades quickly because it won’t stand the test of  a time. Good lyrics, good beats and good message that is well arranged  is always ever green.


How do you relax?

I relax while listening to good music, most times I sleep off while listening.