LAUTECH ownership: A different view (I)

THE opinion of Alhaji Bashiru Omidiran, the chairman LAUTECH Alumni Association, Osun State chapter published in the Sunday Tribune of March 12, 2017 in response to that of Mr Lanre Adewole (Gibbers) of January 29, 2017 on LAUTECH, its joint ownership and the attendant crises would ordinarily have been overlooked and glossed over. But when lies are repeatedly pronounced there is the tendency to put on a borrowed robe of truth even if for a while. Also, the way and manner the columnist was attacked by Alhaji Bashiru’s write up was baffling and remains unfounded. The summary of the response to Alhaji Bashiru’s fallacious response which was likely borne out of crass ignorance, knowledge gap or absolute hypocrisy is that truth is bitter to/for the wicked.

If really Alhaji or any other person read “Gibbers” of Mr. Adewole under reference without sentiment and bias one will definitely be at a loss as to where Alhaji Bashiru found or established those words as “divisive, a call for Yoruba disintegration, which is parochial and ultimately self-centered, an approach to wage war between brothers of confraternity which spans decades.” He went further to say “it is full of misinformed contents, jaundiced misrepresentation of clearly defined  judgment, unverifiable assertion and insincere junks.” Haba, Alhaji ! Yoruba disintegration because of LAUTECH crises occasioned by hypocritical and mutual deception which are the apogee of leadership failure on the part of Aregbesola and Ajimobi?

Well, “Gibbers”, I know can defend himself but the need to let Alhaji Bashiru know that only the gullible and those who can’t read between the lines would fall for whatever antics he has in his sleeves. He really showed the truth of the fact that, when a sentimental person talks or writes, he just rearranges his thoughts. Alhaji Bashiru was favoured to display his myopic and pedestrian attributes through “gibbers.”  If he has any score to settle with the columnist, the article upon which he based his venomous write up is a wrong reference.

It should be clearly stated that I have never for once met with Mr Adewole except reading his column on weekly basis.  But the truth must be hallowed and its sanctity preserved by those who are credible for their likes to uphold. Alhaji wrote as if he was addressing only outsiders who are oblivious of what is happening in LAUTECH. His various claims lacked substance and his acclaimed verifiable facts are unverifiably faulty. He made several blanket claims and assertions without being specific. It is on the basis of all these that he needs to understand how weightless his positions are.

Without unnecessarily going into history the good days of LAUTECH were during the military which birthed the institution. The seed sown by the military administrator of the then Oyo State was watered by both states when Osun was eventually created and the glory shone in 2003 and 2004 when the school was rated the best state university in Nigeria. To claim that the feat was possible by “equipping and advancement of medical practices on the projections of the teaching hospital located in Osogbo which was largely financed by The State of Osun gulping several billions of naira” among other contributing factors is nothing but a blatant lie from the pit of hell.

Osun was actually a good partner but that was during the military era. It is misleading to state that all the projects executed on the Ogbomosho soil of the campus were jointly funded by the two states. Haba Alhaji! Are you aware of the magnificent structures built solely by Oyo between 2006-2011 which was applauded by NUC delegations who asked where the state government got the money for such capital project? Also, it is delusive to say Osun had remained consistent and responsive with its Omoluabi spirit in all its obligations to the “joint heritage of the Yoruba nation of Oyo and Osun people”(?) Why not refer to the then University of Ado Ekiti (now Ekiti State University) as joint heritage of the Yoruba nation of Ekiti and Ondo people? Deception! Eni to fee je oye ko ye ni o maa npa itan kitan (He who desires an undeserved/unworthy tittle will concort all sorts of stories to justify his stance).

Just like some other inherited legacies from the military administrations the civilian governors in the two states have bastardised LAUTECH with Osun as the main culprit for obvious and “justifiable” reasons. If the military administrators of the two states had known that the civilian governors would be this uncaring in handling the school I know they would have shared both assets and liabilities of the institution between the two states before they left the scene in 1999.

Alhaji Bashiru should stop displaying crass ignorance. LAUTECH was not established to be a multi-campus institution. Therefore, the claim that 90 per cent assets and educational facilities are located in Oyo State when the institution is equally and jointly-owned and funded is manifestation of hypocrisy or knowledge gap. Instead of accusing Mr Adewole of being sentimental Alhaji Bashiru really exhibited a very high level of delicate bias based on falsehood and insincerity to mislead and misinform the public for whatever reason(s). I don’t know where and how he got his “verifiable fact” that the quota system of the staff strength in both academic and non-academic is in favour of Oyo State who, according to him, has doubled in figures to its Osun state counterpart. The case is actually the other way round including student enrollment and that is why Osun State is not ready to let go of the school. If “gibbers” would allow subsequent write ups on LAUTECH I challenge Alhaji Bashiru to come out with figures and I am ready to present academic and non-academic staff in each of the states even on local government basis.