I’m not menstruating at 19!

Dear Taiwo,

I am 19 and I have not started menstruating. All my friends and class mates have started long before now. I cannot tell my mummy this because she will not answer me. I also want to start menstruating, please, what can I do? I am resuming school next week and I also want to talk about it with my friends.



Dear Tina,

I am not a medical personnel, but I can tell you now that you need to see one to get help.

Starting your menses as early as nine or as late as anytime is a function of your biological make-up which cannot be similar to your friends’, but not withstanding, at 19 you should have started your menstrual cycle.

I will also advise that you speak with your mother about this; she is the only one you can confide in and rely on. Do so without delay so you both can seek medical help.