What I will tell Kaffy when I see her —Davido

Many followers of happenings on the entertainment scene, on Thursday, woke up to Kaffy’s angry video accusing Davido of maltreating dancers in the music industry.

She was particulalrly offended about Davido’s decision to ditch the dancers who were about to join him on stage, only for him to tell them he didn’t want any dancer to open the stage for him when he was about to perform at the 3thrones concert held at the Eko Convention Centre last week Sunday.

Angry Kaffy was seen in the video pouring out her mind on what she termed as unfair treatment dancers have continued to suffer in the hands of musicians who seek their services during video shoot or stage performance.

The dust raised from Kaffy‘svideo apparently directed at  Davido has finally reached the latter who shared his thoughts on the the popular dancer and her accusation in an interview.

According to Davido, ‘I don’t have any problem with her, I was even shocked to see that. You know, I’m always used to being the victim.’

When asked how he would react when next he sees her, he said, ‘I’d be like ‘Hey, hello. What’s up? I hope there’s no problem.