Have I contracted gonorrhea?

Dear Yemisi,

I want to know why my urine is yellowish in colour. I noticed this after having sex with my girlfriend. Since then, my urine is always coloured.

When it continued for some days, I consulted a friend who told me it was gonorrhea.

What do you think is wrong with me and what can I do?



Dear Joe,

Your fears can only be allayed by seeking the assistance of a medical practitioner. Consulting a friend is not the best option. Your description of the colour of your urine might at the end of the day be a non-issue.

Though your fears are understandable especially if you had sex with your girlfriend unprotected and maybe you have multiple sex partners. To a lay person like I am, the colour of your urine might be as a result of your intake of water and other fluids. If you are not the type that takes a lot of water, your urine cannot but be coloured.

The habit of not drinking enough water can be a cause. I am not ruling out the contraction of any infection, but the only thing that will give you peace of mind is to come out of your shell by not keeping mum about your experience.

Going to a pharmacy to ask for drugs prescribed by your friends will not help you until the cause of the problem is ascertained.

Joe, if you must have sex with your girlfriend, kindly for the sake of your sanity protect your girlfriend and yourself the anxiety of contracting any of the sexually  transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies with the complications associated with it.