How I cloned Prof’s ATM card to steal N3m —Driver

A driver, 25-year-old Mayowa (surname withheld), who works for a Professor in Magodo area of Lagos State, has narrated how he stole and cloned his employer’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Card to steal about N3 million from his account.

Mayowa also stated that he used his mastery of Information Technology (IT) to prevent his boss from receiving alerts on the withdrawals from his account.

The suspect was arrested few days ago by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS). He however blamed the act on ignorance.

Two other persons Opeyemi and Jeremiah (surnames withheld), who were used by the driver to withdraw money from the account and to buy goods have also been arrested by the police.

Mayowa told Lagos Metro that, “I took the card from him when he misplaced it and I hacked into his bank account with software application.”

The suspect, who insisted that he was not maltreated by the victim, also stated that he used credit card revealers to get the necessary information that helped his gang to perpetuate the crime.

He added that they collected only about N200, 000 cash from the account and that he used a large chunk of the money for shopping.

Unknown to the driver, his boss had reported the incident with the police at RRS and he drove the Professor to the police office, when he was arrested.

Opeyemi, a teenager, who was arrested alongside the driver, confessed to Lagos Metro that he participated in the spending of the money but claimed that he thought the money belonged to Mayowa.

Opeyemi said “He told me that the card belonged to him. I used to see him as an area brother. I thought that he was a ‘yahoo boy’. I did not know that he stole professor’s ATM.

The 15-year-old boy also added that “he gave the card and the PIN to me and asked me to go to different places to be buying many things like iphone, iPad, computer systems, mobile phones and other things.”

Jeremiah insisted that he only took Opeyemi to the different places, where the card was used, because he claimed not to know the places.

The Lagos Police boss confirmed the arrest of the trio and warned employers of domestic staff to always be careful with the kind of sensitive items and information that they allow them access to.