God chose Africa, not me —MAC Corps world commandant

The World Commandant and founder of Mission for Africa Chaplaincy Corps, Edward Taylor, has said God chose Africa, not him for the chaplaincy programme.

He made this statement on Thursday, at the Carlton Gate Hotel, Ibadan, during an interview with some, on his first visit to Oyo State, Nigeria for the MAC Corps programme.

Edward explained the goals and aims of MAC Corps as to bind unity, to share love and discipline among men of God and church workers.

In his explanation, he said, the Mission for Africa Chaplaincy, being for Africa and not other continent, was a blessing to this continent because God chose Africa, not him and this shows that Africa is a great nation and a God-loving nation.

In this organisation, we bring different churches in and we are together in love, he said

Edward Taylor, who was born in the United States of America in 1949, was a clergyman before God revealed the vision of the mission to him. As a man of God directed by the Holy Spirit, he started the mission in the year 2005 and with the help of God, the organisation has expanded and now in a lot of countries. MAC Corps is now in NIgeria, Sierra-Leone, Gambia, Ghana and a lot more and the work of God keeps moving on.