Fuel price is reducing

IF Nigerians had known, we would have given former President Goodluck Jonathan the chance to implement the deregulation of the downstream sector of the nation’s oil economy.

After President Buhari stopped paying subsidy fund to oil importers, and the government pegged the price of oil per litre to N145, Nigerians have started reaping the benefit of that policy. Today, I can say only a few filling stations are selling for N145. Most are now selling between N139 and N143. In fact, with the fierce competition, I hope it will soon go down to N100.

However, I hope the Federal Government won’t fail us; it should use the money saved from the subsidy payments to make life better for Nigerians. We need amenities that will make life more conducive for us, particularly uninterrupted power supply and good roads.


  • Najim Kassim,