Expert challenge husbands on foreplay for early lump detection

In a bid to ensure early detection of breast cancer, married women have been told to ask their husbands as part of foreplay to always massage and feel their breast properly to help pick out any abnormality that could occur in it.

Professor Temitope Alonge, Chief Medical Director, University College Hospital, Ibadan, who gave the charge at a media chat, said it was a measure that can ensure early detection of breast cancer, the leading cancer in women.

According to Professor Alonge, massaging or feeling the breast during foreplay would afford the husband know better the shape and looks of his wife’s breast and as such be able to notice any lump or changes.

He declared: “he can feel it better than she can and because you have gotten used to your breast and you may not know when the lump has developed.”

Alonge, however, added that unmarried women and younger girls should imbibe breast examination regularly a week after their menses.

The don announcing efforts by the hospital to ensure adequate cancer treatment in the hospital stated that the hospital was acquiring a Brachytherapy machine to take care of prostate and endocervical cancers.

The machine, which will later be upgraded to treat breast cancer, he said was being acquired as a backup for the hospitals fault radiotherapy machine that the hospital was having challenges repairing.

In addition, he declared that the Federal Ministry of Health was also to provide a high energy linear accelerator as a lifeline for the hospital’s cancer treatment services.