Expect positive change from March 2017 —Prophet Ajayi

Prophet Wale Ajayi, the visionary of Christ Elects Faith Mission (CEFAM), Ibadan, Oyo State, in this interview with SEYI SOKOYA, makes an assessment of 2016, his hopes for 2017, and his experience as a minister of God. Excerpts:

The year is coming to an end. How would you assess it and what are your hopes for Nigeria for 2017?

We only need to thank God for everything that has happened in Nigeria so far and I believe that God’s hand is involved and that He is interested in our case. Despite all what we have passed through as a people and a nation, Nigeria still stands. I will only implore everyone to be patient. I am confident that every plan of the enemy will be destroyed and God will take control of this nation and things will come back to normal soonest. God told me that we are in the era of Moses. Also the Lord ministered to me that people should expect a positive change with regards to what we are passing through from March 2017. Nigeria will stabilise and we will all experience abundant blessings.


Is it true that clerics have taken the place of government in giving hope to people?

Part of the primary assignment of the ministers of God is to pray and nurture people, including the government in the way of the Lord. God has ordained us above the government. After God, it is the ministers of God, but many among us have failed to perform their duties as clerics. They have deviated from their assignments and have pursued things of the world. I pray for our president, governors and every Nigerian. It is God that has placed our leaders there and I want people to understand that it is not easy to rule and to run a country like Nigeria. So, they need the prayers of the ministers of God and all Nigerians. Nigeria’s problems cannot be solved in a day. I am not a politician, but we have to be realistic. I urge everyone to give God the chance take over the affairs of the nation.


What is the major challenge you have experienced as a cleric?

They are many, but the one I can never forget was when one of my children had a spiritual attack as a result of a 21-day revival I staged which hit the kingdom of hell. This happened in 2003 and I shuttled between the church and the hospital while the 21 days lasted. I thank God that I didn’t succumb to the power of darkness despite all we went through. The child almost died, but God revived him. I thank God that the child that was recommended for mercy killing and was rejected by hospitals is now a university undergraduate. So, as a man of God, we should always be prepared to face challenges and at the same time, trust God.


How did you receive the call to ministry?

I first of all become born again on January 15, 1991. It was on a Tuesday at a Bible study. The minister of God that preached that fateful day gave an altar call. It was a day I could never forget because that was my turning point. I came out and I was prayed for and the prophecy came that ‘I was a big fish that had been withdrawn from the sea and they should never allow me to go back into the sea.’ And I was handed over to a brother who nurtured me. I later joined workers, ushers, the Sunday school department, and drama group in the church where I got born again. Afterwards, another prophecy came to me during a Sunday service, precisely on July 3, 1993, emphasising that I have a calling. Again, God personally revealed Himself to me August 22, 1994 at exactly 9:15 a.m. when I was about saying my morning prayer. I heard the call of God with a covenant backing it on August 28 of 1994. By the special grace of God, I was able to mark the 22nd year of my calling last August. I thank God for everything and how far He has brought me and the ministry. Meanwhile, I didn’t jump the routine in becoming a minister of God. Immediately I gave my life to Christ, I went to a Bible College and after I finished there, I established a church under God’s instruction. I didn’t hesitate and we started a prayer meeting on June 19, 1996. But we started as a church on September 8, 1996. Interestingly, my wife who has been supportive in the ministry and my first child share same date with the church.


What is the thrust of the upcoming programme?

Aside the fact that it is an annual event, the programme which is tagged: “Let My People Go” is to gather the children of God and unbelievers to seek the face of God and also to intercede for the nation. I believe God will liberate lives through the programme and also to deliver people from the kingdom of darkness. Most importantly, it is to also hand over the coming year, 2017, to God. It will feature firebrand ministers of God and gospel artistes.