Ex-UNIDO official charges FG on simplified teaching of mathematics

A former representative of Nigeria to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), France, Mr Olusola Abiodun Kayode, has charged the Federal Ministry of Education to focus on the teaching of mathematics in schools, as this is what will aid our developmental process.

Mr Kayode stated this during the official presentation of the book, Rapid Success in Mathematics, written by Mr D.W Akindele.

The former UNIDO official said, “I happen to be privy to how this book we are launching this afternoon commenced, at least, the author shared some thoughts with me. It all started from the thinking that there should be a simplified way of understanding the subject and its use, to ease its full comprehension and also facilitates its utilisation.

“It is not an overstatement that this much dreaded subject called Mathematics is one subject several children and students fail the most, particularly in national examinations. In addition to this, we all know the importance of this subject in the admission process into our tertiary institutions. Hence, there is a need to have test guide, or quick revision exercises to enable students prepare and do last minute revision of the subject prior to the examinations, and the author has deemed it fit to fill this gap with his book.

“It is, therefore, glaring that Mr Akindele wrote this book to meet the examination needs of our children who are about to sit for their final year examinations,” Mr Kayode said.

In his brief remarks at the event, the author, D.W Akindele, said he was concerned about the high failure rate of students when it comes to Mathematics in final year examinations.

“In fact, Mathematics is so important and they can’t run away from it. What I did, therefore, is to simplify the teaching of the subject, so that students will find it as interesting as possible.

“One thing I also want our students to understand is that there is nothing they can do without Mathematics. So it is important they embrace it and enjoy studying it,” Mr Akindele said, while urging teachers of the subject to also simplify their teaching so that students can derive pleasure in studying the subject.