Dakore, Liz Femi, others star in Yemi’s Dilemma

Writer/Director/Producer, Sade Oyinade has announced the production of a shortfilf , Yemi’s dilemma, which is set to hit the cinemas soon.

The short film, Sade Oyinade, is the Co-Executive Producer of the award-winning TV One shows “Unsung” and “Unsung Hollywood” – both series that celebrate African American artists, music and movies.

The movie ‘Yemi’s Dilemma’ is the story of three sisters, a wedding and a family torn apart because of it, as the sisters are first generation Americans, who, although  are proud of their Nigerian heritage, tend to relate more to the American culture within which they were raised. Their parents, however, have a strong desire to maintain the traditions of their country and this ultimately leads to culture clashes in the family.

The eldest, Yemi, is expected to marry a Nigerian man, but she’s keeping a huge secret from her parents that will forever change the dynamic within the family for better and for worse.

The movie currently lists the cast as Dakore Akande, Liz Femi among other celebrities