Of cost and cause II

Before we could finish the analysis of the excerpt being considered last week we had run out of space. Today, that excerpt is presented as sample 1. Sample 1: “The president, in his remark, said […]

Of cost and cause

A fortnight ago, we had started considering issues from the last excerpt for that day when space cut us short. That excerpt is here presented as the first sample for today. Sample 1: : “The […]

Heaps of Rubbish!

We begin today by presenting a letter from one of our readers. He writes: Your contribution(s) to the development of understanding the rudiments of the English language cannot be overemphasized. Kindly look at page 22 […]

Senate on randy lecturers (II)

WE didn’t finish analyzing the second excerpt that occupied our critical attention last week. For ease of reference, let’s label that excerpt ‘Sample 1’. Sample 1:“Talks about how university teachers use their overbearing advantage over […]

Senate on randy lecturers!

SAMPLE 1: “She noted that she was preparing the evening meal when suddenly the sound of sporadic gunshots rented the air around their village, a development which made everyone, men, women, young and old to […]

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