Attention, Delta environmental health workers

I want to call on environmental health workers in Ogwuashi-Okwu community in Delta State to ensure that all drainages are cleared in order to prevent outbreak of diseases in the community.

The popular saying: ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ aptly describes what I am saying.

If a community is clean, then it will be hard for diseases to break there, but if a community is dirty, with the drainages not cleared, then it is a matter of time before they experience outbreak of diseases.

I, therefore, hope that environmental health workers in Ogwuashi-Ukwu, and other parts of Delta State will begin to do their work better so that diseases can be far from citizens of the community and the state at large.

Having said this, other states should also know that they can curb the outbreak of diseases in their states by just making their environments clean. Ministries of Health across the country should, therefore, do the needful.

  • Feyi Akeeb Karim,