7 ways to style box braids

COME rain or shine, braids never go out of style and they come in handy for nearly every woman. They can be made with hair extensions, wool, thread or even the natural hair (although it is not readily advisable to use the natural hair so as to prevent breakage).

Seeing as braids can retain their lustre for longer than other regular hairstyles, they also give ladies value for their money. However, it is important to know the different styles to choose from to avoid retaining the same look. Below are seven styles to switch between and how to achieve them:



The is the basic style for achieving as many styles as possible. There is the royal bun, big bun, double bun, among others. To achieve, bring hair together into a single knot. Open at the centre and roll the ends round the knot. To achieve volume, leave the braids loose as you roll. The style works well for many occasions including office environment, weddings, red carpet events, among others. .



This is much like the bun, except that it must be centred at the crown of the head. Double bun as the name suggests involves making the buns into two, as Stephanie Linus presents in the picture.


Braided topknot

Follow the steps to achieve the bun, but when you bring the hair forward, before you roll the ends around the knot, make the braids into a loose giant braid before you roll. It is important to note that this style can be difficult to achieve, depending on the volume of braids. The end product should look something like Beyonce’s hair-do.


Single or double-sided sweep

This is very easy to achieve and manage. Simply bring the entire braids to lie on one side. If you can manage the effort, make some part of the braids on the top of the side sweep into a ponytail. This will help to ensure that the braids stay in place on one side. For the double-sided sweep, follow the steps for single side sweep but as the style suggests, share the braids into two equal bundles on each side.


Side bun

Bring the braids into a bun (follow the steps for bun above)to achieve the perfect knot. However, for the side bun, the end result should fall on one side of the hair, just above the neck.



The easiest and neatest way to achieve this style is to look for someone who has an idea of how to make matted styles – popularly referred to as didi. Share the hair into two equal halves, then bring into a matted pony tail finish from the centre of the hair. For best results, finish it on the side.



This style is great for the office, weddings (traditional or church), red carpet event outfits that require you show off beautiful earrings and lovely skin, a night out with your partner, among others. It is even a great choice for job interviews as there are no loose strands flying all over the place and distracting you or the interviewer. Wrapped styles may be finished with single or multiple weaves or matted finish. However, achieving the style could be a bit tricky if you don’t have assistance. The goal is to bring the hair into smooth, weaved finishes at the front, centre or side without leaving out strands, with or without the use of hair pins. If you find it difficult to manage, especially if your braids are so much, get a friend to help. For best results, engage the services of an expert hair stylist.


P.S. To add some pop of fun to your braids, accessorise with a colourful scarf, fancy pins, colourful hair grips or hair bands.