Of youths and national redemption

A RISE, O Compatriots. That has been  the slogan for many years but I believe that it is time for the true compatriots to demand what is rightfully theirs.

As a young Nigerian, I have seen and witnessed our educational system depreciate, our moral values wane, and the beauty and pride of our young nation and what makes our people unique disappear.

Everywhere you turn in our country, there is turmoil and you ask yourself this one important question: Why is Nigeria facing these problems? This is followed by the question: Who is to blame, the people or the leadership?

But it starts with us; the government cannot fix our moral values. It is our responsibility as citizens, from parents to children, to devote ourselves to our domestic progression! It is our job as parents to instill these values into our children in order to transmit them from generation to generation.

The Scripture says “train a child in the way of the Lord so that when he grows old, he will not depart from it.” The progression of Nigeria starts from the home!

In order for our country to embody the principles of integrity, hard work, responsibility to fellow citizens and love for nation, we must not blame one another but seek to invest into the minds of youths and build a young economy.

It is your duty to build your nation because as you provide for it, it makes room for you and your generations. If we genuinely want change, we should not lose value in our culture and faith despite the failing world!

John F. Kennedy, a man devoted to human rights and international peace, once said, “Do not think what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

There is beauty in nationalism. There is beauty in civic duty. There is beauty in responsibility to your brothers.

The definition of leadership often leans towards others serving your vision but it should be the other way  round. Our destinies are intertwined as Nigerians, so the next question would be: Where do we start?

As we focus on the present, we want to make way for the future. Provide a foundation to be continually built upon, updated and fine-tuned to accommodate the technological revolution and increasing globalisation of the economies and the governments of the world.

The answer to our future is our youth. It is with them that the power of growth, change and excellence can be attained.

The youth should be taught to ask political questions, to ignite the flames of industry and to find and use the resources of science, math and political and philosophical theories to end this period of disarray and to make way for a more prosperous Nigeria.

Abayomi Fagbenro


United States

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