Why women should support each other

There is a need for women to understand the importance and advantages of identifying with themselves and sticking together as women in every situation by helping and standing up for one another especially in the face of oppression and violation. Women should have each other’s back and be a source of strength for the feminine gender.

The call to support each other is not an alien one because women are naturally inclined to do things together, it is in their genetics and culturally, it is a way of life. In times past,   they would cook, care for their kids, gather food, go to the stream, farm and market place together while having conversations that can be of mutual benefit.

As a result, the women in the past have a strong sense of communal bonding that makes each of them strong, resilient and happy.  But this has changed and civilisation as well as fast paced and demanding lives and careers have put women in a situation of each woman for himself and God for us all.

And the daily interactions and supportive framework had long been dismantled; no more daily interactions and a constant support system, everyone is isolated by individual challenges. This however is not in the DNA of women; the new system doesn’t merge well with the original nature of women that loves to nurture, care, and is communal.

For women to be successful in working for a common cause that will give them the desired place in society, there is a need to bring back the system of old which offers a strong support base and bond for every woman which comes from being with others and helping others rather than the cat and mouse friendship that now exists.

Having a relationship with other women works with the nature of women and consequently removes the stress that comes from the challenge of living. The presence of a support system from other women ensures that women operate at a level that gives them joy and eradicates any form of stress and life is more beautiful.

Also, having a community of women who have the same vision, nurture great ambitions and are willing to lend a shoulder to lean on and be a sounding board for ideas and dreams keeps individual women in line and ensures they remain focused in the pursuit of their dreams in a balanced way that will make it easy for their ambition not to disrupt other areas of their lives.

As women often get sidetracked by the many other things and responsibilities that affect their personal goals, a supportive sisterhood will help focus even in the face of setbacks and obstacles.

Every woman needs affirmation that she is on the right track from people of like minds, they, like every human need a cheer leader that will celebrate little steps of success with them because they tend to set a hard standard and are often too hard on themselves when things don’t work out.

As a result, there is a need for women to have other women that will show them the silver lining during their weak moments because being in the midst of other women that are supportive helps individual growth and personal developments. This is because not all issues can be resolved with textbook theories, some require experience and this is readily available when women support each other; they give different perspectives that create a clearer picture of an issue. Exchanging ideas and experience with people of the same gender with similar vision helps to move faster.

Women need to support other women more now because no one deserves to be alone in struggles and challenges especially in the business world that can be a dog-eat-dog environment and that takes a strong person to succeed. Helping one woman helps all women because it is in their nature to bring out the best in each other.