Why war all the time?

There can never be peace without war.  I am compelled to have a quick write-up, based on all the sad events which took place in South Africa against Nigerians, causing a huge loss of lives and properties.

I am an African, one who loves his dear country called Nigeria. If asked what does it mean to be an African, in my opinion, I would say originality. And if asked what does it mean to be a citizen of Nigeria. I would refer to the pledge of Nigeria, so I ask my-self, why do we have to also kill and destroy each other on our soil? Do we not realise that by destroying the  properties of foreign companies we are simply destroying the lives of Nigerians who work in these organisations? Nigerias being killed abroad, and Nigerians also fighting and destroying themselves back here at home.

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So it takes me back to what I keep saying and would never stop addressing. Without peace there can never be prosperity. Enough is enough. It’s we start addressing situations like this and focus less on sending silly messages or jokes around.

If it were possible, and I know it is possible, every Nigerian building should fly high the Nigerian flag to show and prove to the world we are one.

We can never be broken, so we should show a united force; one to be recognised and reckoned with and to show the world that Nigeria is the giant of Africa and the lion of Africa.

 Prince Taiwo Adegoke Thompson,