Why I kicked against open grazing —Ganduje

KANO State governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has explained why he kicked against open grazing in favour of developing a ranching system, where herdsmen can practise animal husbandry in a modern way. 

Governor Ganduje argued that children of herders, who moved along with herders, will not have qualitative and sound education, which he said, is not good for them. 

Ganduje disclosed this, while speaking with journalists in Kano, noting that the “greatest crime in migrating from North to South for grazing is lack of education for the children. 

“As far as I am concerned, that is the greatest crime: to deny somebody education. No Islamic education, no western education, nothing whatsoever; that is why we are in the problems in which we are now in the North. 

“Because the children will not be able to have education to me, it is criminal. Will the education system follow them along the routes from the North to the Central and the Southern parts of this country? Can any educational system agree with that?” 

According to him, one of the issues that brought the dichotomy between the Northern and Southern governors was the issue of open grazing. 

He, however, disclosed that each state has the powers to make laws and there is diversity in each state, adding that what constitutes a problem to one state may not be a problem to another state, “The other issue is that some of these herdsmen are from West African countries. Because of climatic change, they move down to the Northern parts of this country, to the Middle Belt and to the South with thousands of cattle and with arms. Should that be acceptable in Nigeria?

“Can’t we take it to ECOWAS? Before the issue of the climatic change and for many years ago, the relationship between herdsmen and farmers was an esteemed symbiotic relationship. 

“That is why at the Dansoshiya forest here in Kano, we are creating the RUGA system where we provide water, housing units, markets, veterinary clinic and schools for the herders’ children.


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