Why Buhari needs third term, even fifth term

President Muhammadu Buhari is a saint. He’s the best President Nigeria has had in 60 years! He needs a third, fourth or even a fifth term. For many reasons!

The first obvious reason is because he needs time to finish Nigeria, sorry, to finish what he has started in Nigeria. If he doesn’t get a third term, how will he complete, for example, the RUGA, aka cattle colony project that he has started for his precious Fulani people?

Secondly, he needs a third term because of the pace at which he works. You saw the picture (real life or caricature?) of the president leisurely picking his teeth, with his babariga hung on the wall in the harm and pressure-free Aso Rock villa? (Even Emperor Nero would have been jealous of such a masterpiece!) Our president is never in a hurry except if the matter is urgent-urgent as in the case of the sack of defunct-Justice Onnoghen. And of course, again, if it’s a RUGA or any matter that concerns the Fulanis. Our president doesn’t even mind the national assembly leaders using body language to pressure him to present budget on time so they can approve it in time! Budget ko! Who has budget helped?

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President Buhari may need a third term in office to fufil the promises he made and the ones his APC henchmen made on his behalf in the ecstasy of the 2015 election (which he has denied). Even if those promises are like the ones a man will make in the heat of a deceitful affair with a woman!

Those promises? The abcadabra change of $1 to N1; fuel price coming back to N65 per litter. Buhari was very correct when, before he became president, he made a very wise comment that anyone subsidizing fuel was a thief (keep in mind though that Abacha was not a thief!) So the third term will be to kill subsidy dead as that famed insecticide used to do to blood-sucking mosquitoes!

Our president needs a third term to resurrect Nigeria Airways so that he can hand over the presidential fleet to the national carrier as he wanted to do all these years.

Our president needs more time to ensure that all the injustice done to Fulani herdsmen in over 100 years of nationhood should be redressed in due course. Did you not hear that El-Rufai and the repentant senior bandit of Zamfara have told us that for one Fulani killed, many more could be killed as restitution?

If you don’t know, Buhari needs time to pay the N30,000 minimum wage  that he graciously approved when 2019 election was about to be consummated. That may easily be done or increased to N100,000 in his fourth term, when Nigeria’s economy would have been the very first in the world ahead of those of USA and China!

He also needs time to harvest more corrupt people from PDP. Unknown to many, Nigerians are “fantastically corrupt.” And PDP is responsible for 99.99% of all Nigeria’s problems. Meanwhile, our President is a wise man who knows how to de-corrupt Nigeria especially that corruption-entity called PDP. And this is the wisdom-strategy… As Comrade Godfather Oshiomhole once lectured us, “Once you join APC, your sins are forgiven!” Ask the brand new federal minister, Godswill Akpabio. Even fire-eating lawyer, Festus Keyamo knows this very well. Those he attempted to prosecute for corruption are now co-ministers with him. As Yorubas will say resignedly, “Lobatan!” Case closed! This strategy is in place so that every corrupt Nigerian will join APC and by Buhari’s fifth or sixth term, there won’t be any corrupt person left in Nigeria. And Transparency international will just shut its mouth! Strategy!

Don’t mind all those international busy-bodies like UNESCO, IMF, UN, TI and WHO. In Nigeria, we don’t know who is WHO! And we don’t care about all  their bad reports. We won’t be surprised if all their reports are examples of corruption fighting back or if they’re being sponsored by the opposition. Imagine all those negative reports about our own dear native land. What none of them knows is that our President is on top of, beside, under and between the situation. Did you not hear of how he was recently visited in Daura by great Nigerians in appreciation of the great job he’s doing, especially with the security  economy, education, healthcare, technology and manufacturing. See how we’ve developed rapidly in all those areas! Singapore, China, USA had better watch out!

Ah!  I must not forget, Buhari’s government needs more time to register as many Nigeriens, Chadians, Guineans, and Malians who are interested in becoming Nigerians. It’s our own way of countering insurgency. If you’ve not forgotten, he was the first to suggest the panacea to Boko Haram menace when he advised GEJ to give them amnesty. Donald Trump should come here to learn the great lesson of how to accommodate his neighbours instead of doing gra-gra! Osama Bin Laden would have been a member of the US Marines now if Obama understood this wisdom!

Buhari needs time so that his die-hard followers, the great Buharists will know that he needs more time. So that the wailing wailers will see reason and be converted and join the winning team.

However, will he get the third term or the fifth? Maybe in the Northern Republic of Nigeria. Only God and time will tell!

  • Lawson sent this from Lagos.
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