Can we try acupuncture?

Our 65 year old grandmother has been down with stroke for the past two months and most of the orthodox and traditional treatment regimes which we tried have failed to cure her. Recently, somebody suggested acupuncture as a solution but I am worried if this will help. Your kind suggestion will be appreciated.

Bode (by SMS)

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Many studies involving thousands of patients who added Acupuncture to their post stroke treatment regime have been published in China, Japan and some parts of Europe.

These studies indicate that patients get well faster, perform better in self-care, require less nursing and rehabilitation therapy when on Acupuncture.

However, because of the dearth of these kind of studies in western countries, as well as in Nigeria, many doctors, including rehabilitation experts, have appeared unwilling to consider acupuncture therapy.

Judging from the personal experiences of those who have used Acupuncture, it is obvious that the procedure is a safe and helpful therapy when done by competent hands. The only drawbacks are the cost and the availability of competent hands to handle the therapy.

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