What is our priority?

What is our priority? Is it truth/ freedom? Are we pretenders? Nigeria is at a crossroad. All the woes besetting the country are self-inflicted. We were told that when a sheep leads a pack of lions, defeat is certain.

However, when a lion leads droves of sheep, success is a Fait-Accompli.

In the past four years, a “Lion” has been leading droves of “sheep” – in military parlance,- “Bloody Civilians”. Success will be guaranteed if the bloody civilians on the rampage allow it to happen. They are a clog in the wheel of progress. God forbid, should the other Lions, hitherto following the rules of Nigeria’s brand of democracy,   be overwhelmed by the damage being perpetrated by the politicians under which they are forced to operate; strike, thugs, Fulani herdsmen, ethnic militias/propagandists, bandits, kidnappers and others in their ilk will disappear under the radar of violence.

9th NASS: PDP Reps caucus directs members to support speakership aspirant of choice

The poor in Nigeria who are in the majority want to be free. They don’t have any platform to launch their offensive. The elite have spread their dragnet everywhere to kill the truth and suppress dissent. Nigerians, it is time to push for freedom. Today the elite and their accomplices are huge elephants sitting in the room. They kill what is important to achieve freedom for the poor and esteem what is not important. Deceit oozing out of their hellhole is a suffocating tragedy. The Greeks gave the world the concept of democracy. The Nigerian politicians gave Nigeria a different brand of democracy which promotes banditry, corruption, thuggery, ethnic militias and others in their ilk to flourish. It is a tragedy.

John R. Jimoh,

Ijebu Ode.

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