VPN In Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated state in Africa. More than 195 million people live in the country, 56.4% of them surf the web regularly. More than one hundred million Nigerians use mobile Internet. The average Internet speed in Nigeria is 1.86 Mbit/s. According to forecasts, the number of Internet users in Nigeria will be 187.8 million people by 2023.

Nowadays, every user surfs the web in strict accordance with their needs. It’s forbidden to visit some websites in the country. Traveling to another country of the world, you connect to a wireless network which may lead to some risks; that is why it’s necessary to protect yourself with bestvpnrating.

Top Services

Users are willing to access any information they need easily and share it with others with no limitations. Sometimes, it’s only possible to access the content facing no problems with the help of VPN services. So what are the top services in Nigeria?

NordVPN. The provider located in Panama lets you surf the web safely being in any country in the world. The service is known for a strong encryption system:

  • Military grade encryption;
  • 2,800+ fast servers;
  • extra protection, no sign up required;
  • easy to use.

Express VPN provides an extra level of protection and is available on any platform:

  • The fastest service on the market;
  • 1,500+ servers in 94 countries of the world;
  • keeps no logs.

TunnelBear is one of the most reliable services existing; it’s available on almost any platform. It keeps minimal connection logs and is easy to use.

  • Free version;
  • user-friendly app;
  • 700+ servers and 200K+ IPs.

ZoogVPN is a fast service letting the users access blocked content, and remain anonymous online.

  • Free version;
  • easy to use application;
  • 90% discount purchasing a 2-year plan;
  • 42+ servers and 500+ IPs.

PureVPN lets you safely bypass any government censorship, as well as easily install torrents. It will be a catch for those who are concerned about their privacy and security.

  • 750+ servers in 140+ countries of the world;
  • twenty four-seven support;
  • 74% discount purchasing a 2-year plan.

Privacy Policy And Why It’s Significant

Although there are no blocked websites in Nigeria, users are surveilled by the government. All the users in Nigeria are under control which diminishes their privacy.

VPN service helps you protect your privacy, as well as safeguard yourself online. VPN hides your real IP and location from anyone who may be interested in gaining such information, as well as protects your connection and allows you to bypass any blocks. Using a VPN, no one can find out your real IP and location.

Encrypting your connection, the service protects your personal data from hackers and the government, as well as protects you when connecting to public Wi-Fi. VPN service makes it possible for you to bypass blocks imposed by the government, bypass blocks at your workplace, at school or university.