Tradift – Ecommerce Solution for businesses

Tradift is an all in one platform that provides all the essentials needed to start, grow and scale an eCommerce business. Tradift makes it easy for businesses to accept payments, ship products and manage sales within a single platform
The platform was launched on the 11th of January, 2020 by Jeffrey Chidi.

How it works 
Creating an online store is made possible in 3 simple steps; users create an account on the platform, enter their store name and their web store is automatically generated for them with a free subdomain, Users can then select a theme from the theme store.

Tradift integrates with various payment platforms like Paypal and Paystack to make the selling of products/services and receiving of payments possible worldwide.

Tradift makes it easy for users to build a professional online store without hassles. Tradift helps people achieve
independence by making it easier to start, run, and grow an eCommerce business.

According to Jeffrey (CEO) Tradift aims to bridge the technological divide affecting small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria, If left unaddressed, the yawning gap between under-connected and hyper-digitalized countries will widen, thereby exacerbating existing inequalities. Tradift provides users with the unique advantage of being able to sell with a professional template, add products, and customize their shopping cart with the right payment and shipping solutions.

Client’s payment card security is paramount to Tradift as it follows Payment Company Industry-Data Security Standards (PSI-DSS).

Tradift makes it possible for users to use a custom domain name for their online store without much configuration and
also to be able to market their products on social media networks from their online store dashboard.

Having the ability to create an online store without needing a developer is awesome as it
helps merchants focus on their products and customers

Tradift in its own right has the tendency to gain its share of the market as it claims to have
hundreds of merchants on its platform since launch and over 15,000 products sold on the platform

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