The road to Damascus

I’m beginning to be convinced that Nigeria will in not-too- distant future be great owing to the happenings in the 2019 general election. The electioneering processes were tough, the roads to success were seemingly rough, no party or candidate was sure of his/her triumph. The Nigerian political atmosphere was cloudy and nobody could convincingly predict the outcome of the elections. As a matter of fact, some victories were just adventitious.

At the end, the elections were conducted and results announced, some people’s tales were immediately steeped in intrigue, spiced with oral acrobatics and songs of joy.

Profile of new Speaker of House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila

With what I learnt in the elections, I have had the conviction that Nigerians are on their road to Damascus. It is imperative and worthy of note that the connections and relationships of politicians with the grassroots was a decisive factor to their victories in the 2019 general election which dichotomized it from the erstwhile elections. Notwithstanding, some emerged as a result of the influence of their various political parties, however, the influences of political parties in the 2019 general election are not in juxtaposition with the previous elections in Nigeria when the ticket received from the party in power served as an automatic train to the office one was vying for.

It is obvious that the 2019 elections were different when they are put in juxtaposition with other elections we have had in Nigeria. They are deviant in nature for withdrawing power from political bigwigs which seemed to be unrealistic in our political system. Nigeria is truly going to the next level.

These and other experiences serve as an indication that the electorate have woken up from their slumber and ready to take Nigeria to the climax of development.

Thus, I will like to remind the newly inaugurated leaders either through elections or political appointments as we celebrate democracy day to consistently remember the happenings in the 2019 elections. If you do good; it shall help you and if you run a selfish government, it shall definitely hunt you.

Egunleti Fatai,

Ogun State.