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It is reassuring that the ship of the nation is still on course though it has been twistingly wading through the stormy waters en route the anticipated destination, or you may call it the Promised Land.

This writer is one of the over 180 million Nigerian population that have ceaselessly been praying that our nation’s ship since it sets sailing at the inception of democratic governance in 1999, will not tumble midstream. God forbid!

I have for some time been fighting against the desire to share with you my compatriots, bothersome issues that put most Nigerians’ nerves on the edge. And l also wish to bring to the knowledge of our president and other honourable lawmakers that you are fiddling with the welfare of fellow Nigerians that elected you with their votes while queuing in the scorching sun.

Nigerians are also very disturbed over the manner you (our leaders) have been handling crucial state matters, particularly the unstable economy of our dear nation and your indifference towards tackling problems that may hamper national development and peaceful coexistence.

I  also wonder if you knew that the unending killings of our fellow Nigerians, arising from the reprisals by the Boko Haram sect, have till this moment, partially curtailed the freedom of movement of Nigerian citizens to some flashpoints in the northern part of Nigeria— our country.

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Anyway, you may not understand how psychologically worrying the whole situation is since you are always surrounded with a retinue of bodyguards who neither sleep nor slumber while shielding you against any form of danger— awake or asleep.

Let me crave your indulgence (the people’s representatives)that Nigerians are no longer at ease over the spate of Kidnap cases and ritual killings here and there, as these persistent criminal acts have instilled fear in the mind of most Nigerians as well as the foreigners.

Lately, the populace is becoming more apprehensive as our future leaders in tertiary institutions are gradually becoming the target of some extremist group who see nothing beneficial in the White Man’s education. Isn’t this a big cause for concern?

Not long ago, 40 students in various halls of residence of the Federal Polytechnic, Mubi in Adamawa State, were horrifically plucked at the prime of their lives by some blood-thirsty barbarians who attached no value to human sanctity. And yet the perpetrators of this bizarre act, who still live in our midst, are part of the “one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity”.

But the question is, are we as a people truly bound in freedom? Are we not still grappling with ethno-religious crises and political power tussles, all of which make peace to elude us in Nigeria? Or is this a fabrication?

And wait a minute for another shocker— the UNIPORT (4) at Aluu. It was in the news, a heartbreaking story, indeed. Both the print and the electronic media reported the manner some beastly residents of Aluu community took laws into their own hands by dehumanising and later set ablaze four promising young undergraduates of the University of Port-Harcourt. What for? Just for a mere laptop or cell phones?

These and many more are the unanswered questions from concerned Nigerians who had the courage to watch the video clip of the crude treatment meted out to the undergraduates in the name of jungle justice.

I do hope the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Abubakar Mohammed is reading this piece, and I pray he does. He is an experienced cop and I have no doubt that he will dig up the underlying motive for the heinous crime from the arrested suspected killers of the undergraduates.

Besides, there are other numerous problems still staring us in the face, yet to be tackled by you (our leaders). And my earnest prayer is, may we not be caught unawares if the restless ghosts of slain fellow Nigerians began to haunt us day and night. God have mercy!

With utmost humility, I, therefore, wish to bring to your knowledge (our honourable elected leaders) that Nigerians feel sadden while you continue to watch unperturbed over these strange happenings in our fatherland.

And I think it is high time you (our lawmakers) took a second look at the primary and remote causes of these threatening occurrences in our land so that our nation’s ship does not capsize during your tenure (Amen).  A stitch in time they say saves nine!


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