The commandments of face cleansing

While some people have very smooth face just like baby’s skin, some others have to put extra effort in theirs because of its sensitivity and because it is prone to acne and others.

These extra efforts such as having a healthy lifestyle, good skin care, washing your face twice daily can help prevent skin problems. They do not have to be intensive; you just have to know the basics.

Thou shall wash thy hands first: Washing your face with unclean hands will further push dirt around your face, so always wash your hands first.

Thou shall not neglect thy neck: Imagine your neck being way darker than your face, not cool right? Your neck needs love too because it is one of the places that show signs of aging first. In every step of your routine, your neck should be included.

Thou shall not use the same body towel for face: Because the skin on your face is so delicate, take extra care to pat it dry with a soft towel, different from the one you use for your body or hair because those towels can have pore-clogging residue from products on them. In addition, it is okay to have a thin layer of moisture on the skin since the products you apply next will seal that in.

Thou shall follow these commandments every morning and night: Overnight, your skin cells are hard at work, which means they are secreting toxins and sebum (a thick oily substance, secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin). Wash your face in the morning to remove all the waste and secure better performance from your daytime products.

Thou shall use lukewarm water: Using hot water on your face is dehydrating; it strips healthy, natural oils from the skin too quickly. Lukewarm water is warm enough to help loosen dirt and sebum and also stay hydrated without stripping your skin.

Thou shall not over-exfoliate: A lot of people go at their skin with a bit too much scrubs and exfoliants. This will eventually cause damage to the skin because of some of the harsh grains. Instead, use a gentle scrub or exfoliant.

Thou shall use only the recommended amount of product: If you are wondering why your cleanser is not working as promised, check how much you are using. For splurge cleansers, there might be the temptation to use less than recommended in order to extend use or save money. Don’t! When in doubt, read the label to find the most effective and safe amount for general use.

Thou shall be consistent and patient: It should be noted that consistency is key and skin are not the same, so you might not get the clear skin in a week or even in a month depending on your type of skin, but if you are consistent and patient, you will definitely get your desired results.




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