Still Naija Moi Moi, but it’s baked

Moi moi is made from blending beans and finally steaming until the pudding become thick. One thing about moi moi that makes it need expertise or some kitchen skills is because you have to mix everything off the stove and there is no going back once the cooking starts.

So, today you will be learning the newest way to make moi moi if you do not know how to use the leaves or do not enjoying steaming the pudding. This ingredient should make for 15 parts baked moi moi.



Black eyed beans

1 habanero pepper or red pepper to taste

(Note that red pepper will make your moi moi come out colourful so I prefer it over Habenero)

3 Seasoning cubes to taste

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

(Some use palm oil, it is okay)

Ground crayfish

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1 onion

Salt (to taste)

Boiled eggs

Shredded boiled fish

Diced carrots

Diced green beans

Warm water (for grinding and mixing)



Turning stick or spatula

Foil paper

Baking pan or muffin cups

Oven or gas stove

Pot with tight cover

Ingredients’ note

Use Tatashe if you still want more colour and tastier flavour

(I do not advise you use tomatoes at all because it will give it a soggy look)

Start by leaving your beans soaked in water for about 20 minutes

Afterwards, separate the beans from dirt by sieving continuously until clear

You can also use beans flour to prepare moi moi if you do not have a means to blend your beans



Peel the beans after separating the dirt then put in blender little at a time

When grinding the beans, use just enoughwater to help the blades of your blender rotate.

Blend beans, crayfish, pepper and onions together

In a bowl, pour the pudding and mix with vegetable oil until evenly immersed

Dissolve seasoning cubes in warm water in a separate bowl

Pour the dissolve in the pudding bowl and add salt to taste

Mix evenly with a spatula or turning stick

Add your boiled fish the way you want it and mix again

Heat your oven to 200°C or 390F or your gas mark to 5 or 6 to preheat.

Pour the Moi Moi mix into muffin cups (note that if you don’t have muffin cups, you can use a baking pan of any size)

Rub vegetable oil in the muffin cups

Cover with aluminium foil and fold the foil into the sides of the muffin cup to prevent the Moi Moi from drying up while baking

Pour some water in the oven tray and place the muffin tray with the Moi Moi mix in the tray

Bake in the preheated oven for 45 minutes. Check it from time to time to ensure there is always water in the oven tray. If it looks like it is drying up, top up the water.

When it is almost drying up, put half boiled eggs (as much as you want it) with the yolk part facing up) in each of the muffin cups or baking pan

You can also sprinkle diced carrots and green beans on the surface to give it a beautiful look

When done, leave to cool down completely and bring them out from the muffin cups

Serve and enjoy with rice, bread, garri or just eat alone and have fun savouring it.


NOTE: If you do not have an oven, use a wide dry pot

Leave a stainless flat plate cover at the base of the pot

Place your muffin cups or baking pan with the moi moi mix on it

Cover the whole pot with foil paper before using the pot cover finally, and turn your gas to medium heat.




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