The Best Online TXT to PDF Converter for Free 2020

After creating content in a TXT document, we may want to convert it to a PDF for having a better visual effect. Hence, we need a powerful TXT to PDF converter to help.

The Best Online TXT to PDF Converter for Free
TXT is mostly used to create some instant text content. Comparing to other editing programs like Excel and RTF, the functions of a TXT editor is much simpler. Most people would only use it for texting, and there seem not many layout options or front settings for the words and the whole content presentation. So the visual effect of a TXT file is not so competitive comparing to other document formats such as Word, RTF, Excel, and PPT.

But still, if you get a TXT file and want to make it appropriate for a presentation, a helpful document format and help turn the TXT document to be presentable in a more decent way, which is the PDF format. So in this review, I’d like to share the best TXT to PDF converter that everyone can use for free. Follow me.

EasePDF Overview

When you need to work with PDF, the best PDF tool you can turn to is EasePDF, which is one of the best online PDF solutions providers today. Comparing to professional PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat DC, EasePDF is a simplified online solution without the requirement to download and install any other software and extension. In this single platform, it has provided most of the PDF tools that people will need in most cases. For example, there are PDF converters, PDF editors, PDF pages organizers, and even PDF protectors.

What’s more, EasePDF also attracts people with its other amazing features, including the following points:

Faster converting speed – From the platform performance to the file uploading/downloading speed, EasePDF will provide the best one for users.

Safer platform and functions – EasePDF uses the 256-bit SSL Encryption and auto-deletion service to make sure no file or privacy disclosure will happen here in the platform.

More multifunctional and multi-language provider – EasePDF offers more than 30 PDF tools and serves users with many different languages.

No requirement for payment and sign-up – The whole EasePDF platform is free of cost, and people do not need to apply for an account before using the services.


Convert TXT to PDF with the Best Converter

On EasePDF, different converters are offered with powerful functionality. For converting TXT to PDF, there certainly provides a TXT to PDF converter to help. So just by using this tool, you can easily get your TXT file converted to PDF format effortlessly. Let’s check the tutorial now.


Step 1.Go to the home page of EasePDF, drop down the All PDF Tools menu in the navigation bar, you can also get to TXT to PDF converter easily.


Step 2.On the page of TXT to PDF converter, you should press the Add File(s) button for adding the TXT files you want to convert to PDF here. You can also add files from the cloud such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Besides, using an URL for importing TXT files is also workable.

EasePDF TXT to PDF Add Files


Step 3. You will notice that when you selected to add the TXT files, EasePDF will directly upload and convert them to PDF for you. Just wait and the Download button will be provided to let you save the converted files in a zip package. You can also choose to save the files to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Also, you can directly copy the URL and get the files downloaded later. But remember to download it within 24 hours or EasePDF will delete them automatically.

EasePDF TXT to PDF Download Zip File



It would never be hard to convert the formats between TXT and PDF if you have gotten EasePDF saved in your browser. It is such a powerful and user-friendly platform, so with EasePDF, you can certainly deal with all kinds of PDF problems easily.




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