Tech company holds REVAMP to build new businesses in Southwest

REVAMP’s first edition kicked off last week Saturday, with a goal designed to help small businesses grow, especially with enhanced digitally infused tools and creativity in Southwest, Nigeria. The debut entrepreneurial program, organised by IderaOS held in Ibadan, with over 100 sign-ups.

The founder of Equilibrium Zone and a digital marketing expert, Oluwamayowa Oshidero, who spoke at the event said he believed that Nigeria boasts of a lot of entrepreneurs but with unstructured businesses that are a sole proprietorship, with very little or no room for growth and such businesses stopping to exist after a few years. He said “a typical business cease to exist in less than five years.

“Some of the challenges that mutilate these businesses are lack of knowledge in starting and developing business, poor infrastructures, inappropriate legislation, competition, lack of managerial, technological and marketing skills to remain competitive.”

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To solve this problem., the innovation community of IderaOS launched her first capacity-building event.

The one-day program brought together experts from various industries like branding, digital marketing, financial services e.t.c, to connect them with SMEs to discuss ideas and tailor-made solutions that they had in place to help these businesses.

Speaking also at the REVAMP event was Ridwan Rasheed the co-founder of IderaOS, who said their belief was that when businesses failed, people lose their means of livelihood, hunger is on the rise, families crumble, healthcare becomes a nightmare and crime becomes prevalent. He further said, “The enormity of the problem and the consequences of inaction is unimaginable and more than important to arrest the situation before it gets out of hand and that is why we exist to fill this gap.”

The coaches spoke about ‘ListBuy’ that connects 21st-century users for trading on social media and how they can be utilized for a booming business. The quality of trainers and the interactive sessions at the program was able to provide the needed human capacity development for these business owners and connect them with corresponding solutions.

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