Susty Vibes masterclass to teach young people how to set up recycling business

The recycling industry in Nigeria is set to receive a boost as SustyVibes, a social enterprise focused on sustainability advocacy, is organising a masterclass series that will enable participants set up their own recycling companies.

Jennifer Uchendu, founder of Susty Vibes, informed Ecoscope that the master class, from August 29 to 31, will also “give participants the confidence and knowledge to engage in select sustainability topics in a professional setting.

“During this series, participants will build an understanding of the key areas required to implement and to communicate Sustainability/sustainable Development in their day-to-day responsibilities at work or in their businesses.”

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She explained that the masterclass is not only targeted at young people, but also sustainability consultants, waste management enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and journalists.

“We have also offered scholarships to students and young entrepreneurs looking to receive the training, as well as up to 50 per cent discount to prospective participants.

“Depending on what course is taken, participants will be able to: set up their own recycling companies in Nigeria; have a thorough understanding of sustainable business models in Nigeria; and use new communication skills to communicate on sustainability/sustainable development within an organisation,” Uchendu said.

Registration is online via the Susty Vibes website.

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