Style mistakes that make you look older and fatter

Kehinde James, a wardrobe consultant and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of House of Cush, in this piece writes about the fashion mistakes that can make a woman looks older than she really is as well as how to dress for your age.

It’s amazing how many years can be added or subtracted from your age by certain clothing and style details. Improper colour of fabric, improper fabric, an uninspired skirt and we find ourselves looking 10 years older and adding many pounds in addition. Here are some mistakes that make you look much older and fatter than you really are.


Too much black

Black is elegant on many occasions, but as we add years on our “life bouquet,” it becomes less flattering. Our skin tends to become white and black hair and dark clothes create too much contrast that draws attention to the defects: wrinkles, dark circles and so on. Sweeten the black hair shade in a brown and you’ll get rid of 5 years. And if you’re a little black dress fan, wear colourful accessories.


Wearing skirts too long

Just because you have getting on in years does not mean that your skirt should several centimetres long, as a rule, beware of undefined sizes. Skirt up to mid calf does not even flatter the 20 year- old mannequins, so give it up. A mid-knee skirt will suit you better than a clumsy one. However, when it comes to native, you can wear long skirt like with a flattering top.


Wrong fabric materials

Now that you have decided to stay away from clothes that make you look older than you really are, keep on the watch. Wearing materials such as jersey fabric, that doesn’t create the most flattering shape, is also not a wise move. Best option? Tailor your own dress, so that you can hide body parts you’re not confident of.


Turtle neck

Although turtleneck seems to be ‘safe’ since it hides any signs of aging shown on your neck, covering your neck by wearing turtle neck or choker is a no-no. Instead, wear an appropriate v-neck, one that doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to your cleavage.

Wrong size dresses

If you’re a 10, wear a 10. Don’t try sizing down your clothes; it doesn’t make you look thinner or younger, it’s unhealthy and makes you look less flattering. If your body undergoes any noticeable changes; probably due to aging or childbirth, do not force yourself into your old dresses. This doesn’t mean you need to wear size 12 if you’re size 10, though! However, you may wear a belt when you feel the dress is too loose. The best thing to do, find your own size and stick to it!


Dress your age

This means, you shouldn’t dress too trendy, too old, or too young. In the end, it boils down to one thing; moderation! Keep up with the colour trends, but don’t try too hard. It’s okay to make effort to look young; you just want to make sure you don’t go overboard. And also, some clothes need to go as time flies. Don’t hold onto them and in the end, make yourself look older. Wear outfits that fit each occasion.



Choose colours that go with your body type and age. Don’t just choose colours because it is trending but consult your fashion consultant to help you with your wardrobe. You can consult us for your wardrobe needs that are your body type and personal style.

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