SCOAN: Where distance is no barrier

THE telling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have continued to tear through nations across the globe. This is one pandemic that has not only humbled the world but has rendered countries, economies, and the knowledge industry searching for clues. The death toll has continued to climb, with the infection leaving in its trail more tragedies than could be imagined.  On August 31, 2020, statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicates that the globe has over 25,300,000 cases, with deaths of over 848,000. Leading in this tragedy are: the United States of America which has recorded over six million cases with 186,000 deaths; Brazil has over three million cases, with over 121,000 fatalities; India has over three million cases, with over 64,000 deaths; Russia has over 995,000 cases with a death toll of over 17,176 persons and Peru with 652,000 cases with 28,944 fatalities. The calamities have been disconcerting, threatening the overall wellbeing of a fragile human community. Yet, in the midst of all the frustrations and the rising despondency, God has not left humanity helpless. Verifiable testimonies of healing from the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic have been emanating from various isolation centres, and individual homes. Driven by the need to reach out to an ailing world, senior prophet of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), T.B. Joshua and his junior clerics have been praying for COVID-19 patients through the internet and the ministry’s Emmanuel TV.

Most recently on August 30, 2020, in a Central American country lying between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, something monumental took place in the nation of Honduras. One isolation centre in this Spanish speaking nation grabbed onto faith, answering to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s offer to pray for them. Following the mighty move of the Holy Spirit during the Interactive Prayer Session held especially for COVID-19 patients at an isolation centre in Honduras, 11 patients were discharged into the joyous embrace of their loved ones shortly after Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministration. Some nurses and hospital staff at the isolation centre also described their happiness seeing the patients recover after the prayers. “That is evidence of the prayer through the power of the Holy Spirit,” she added. They told of their delight seeing patients regain their health.

Sybil also thanked God for healing her through the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Similarly, Eugenio testified that the Lord lifted him from the bed of sickness. “All the glory and honour be unto Him!” Eugenio said.

Angel, a patient, also testified about his healing. “I’m filled with joy and strength. I’m completely healed. God is with us, helping us,” he said. Fatima equally testified, stating that she had recovered her breath perfectly. “Thank You, Jesus, for giving me a second chance,” she said. “The prayer we received was crucial,” said Hermelindo, one of the prayer recipients at the isolation centre in Honduras. He described himself as a living proof that God still works miracles and uses His servants to bless. He urged people to believe in God’s prophets. From the comfort of his home, Kelvin thanked God for his perfect healing. “I’m very happy to be back home. I’m so glad that now I’m with my loved ones. Thank you, Prophet T.B. Joshua, for your prayers,” he said in appreciation. On August 23, 2020, in Moldova, USA, Mexico, Netherlands and South Africa, viewers received their healing from physical ailments as Prophetess Anne commanded whatever had not been deposited by God out of their lives. The testimonies started coming in. The joy was palpable. It was unmistakable.

Rose from Belgium, Hazel from South Africa and Lizeth from Peru tested positive to COVID-19 with symptoms of headache, weakness, loss of taste and smell. They connected with Emmanuel TV and during the prayer session with Prophetess Anne, they had testimonies of healing.  The cases of Sindy from Colombia, Roza and Samuel, together with their families from Malawi and South Africa respectively, all caught up in the snare of the deadly virus, COVID-19. They eagerly connected, hoping for an end to the raging symptoms of the virus. And the end came.  Having tested COVID-19 positive, Mercy and Melita from South Africa, Getrude from Zimbabwe connected to Emmanuel TV. However, during the Interactive Prayer, Prophetess Angela prayed for them in the name of Jesus Christ and every atom of the deadly virus was flushed out. From Chile, China, Mexico, Angola, South Africa and Nicaragua, viewers were declared free from the bondage of sickness by the power of the Holy Ghost invested in Prophet Chris. Delight filled the air as they testified to the goodness of the Lord. With the avalanche of verifiable testimonies pouring in, distance is no barrier.

It will be recalled that during an interactive press briefing organised on July 1, 2020, a panel of top World Health Organistaion (WHO) officials was questioned on the miracle by Cameroonian journalist, Simon Ateba of Today News Africa. While asking the panelists for their reaction, Ateba stated that “a very popular pastor in Nigeria, T.B. Joshua, released a video of a medical doctor in Cameroon who was said to have been cured of the virus through prayer.” In the said video that he referenced, Dr. Kameni Pierre—a gynecologist and obstetrician—receives prayer after affirming he was positive to coronavirus during an interactive prayer session organised by Emmanuel TV. After the prayer, the medical doctor held up his medical report days later confirming he was diagnosed negative to COVID-19. While responding to Ateba’s question, the Executive Director of WHO Health Emergencies Programme, Dr. Michael Ryan, affirmed the readiness of WHO to collaborate with bodies like the SCOAN to advance the cause of the war against the deadly virus.

“Certainly, spiritual leadership is very important in times like this,” Ryan stated, praising the role of faith-based organisations in providing accurate information to communities. Speaking further, the WHO Director General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, added that faith and science should go together.

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