‘Schools must go beyond traditional education to transform learning’

SCHOOLS must think beyond traditional education to transform learning by educating and preparing a child for the future.

These were the words of Mrs Omoseeke Dada, the proprietor of Goodness and Mercy Schools, Ibadan, during the presentation of the activities lined up to celebrate the 27th anniversary celebration of the school.

According to her, as a school that is focused on producing students who will be equipped to face today’s world without fear, her school thinks beyond traditional education to transform learning by educating each child with a rich curriculum that is holistic in outlook without compromising moral standards, and technological training.

She added that “at Goodness and Mercy Primary School and College, there is a conscious approach, targeted towards personalised learning and positive discipline to enable every student achieve outstanding academic results and develop the skills and mindset to thrive in a changing world.

“We focus not only on academics but all other areas of the child’s upbringing; how they conduct themselves in school, their interpersonal relationship and communication with teachers and their peers, as well as on how they form good behaviors and good citizenship attributes.

She urged school owners and the teachers to work together to create an environment that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning while meeting the academic and psychological needs of students  and  encouraging cooperation rather than individual competition.

Activities marking the celebration of the anniversary include: football competition between the old students and school team, basketball competition, quiz, cultural display and drama as well as debates.


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