Rock The Messenger Bag

A messenger bag, also known as a courier bag is basically a large satchel used by people throughout history. This bag is often used by people on-the-go such as students and cyclists because it’s easy to sling over the shoulder and provides easy access to the contents. They are also fashionable and functional. Messenger bags are best used if you are carrying light to medium weight as poor distribution of weight can lead to discomfort.

These medium-sized bags have a flap on the front, usually have a long strap and are worn across the body over just one shoulder. They are more accessible and less prone to pickpockets when compared to backpacks. They are medium sized unisex bags. When you open the bag, there’s one main compartment that takes up most of the bag and sometimes with other smaller ones. They are lightweight, durable and come with either zippers or anti-rust metal buckles. They are also used for carrying tablets and laptops but since messenger bags are not well padded, you must be careful when carrying electronics in them.

When going for formal events, it could be used to keep things like headphones, wallets, smartphones, power banks, lip balm etc. instead of putting them in your pockets, making you look bulky. You can also keep water bottles, pocket tissues and umbrellas for unpredictable weather. They are also used to keep energy boosting snacks which will help you keep hunger away on days when you have to work through lunch.