Reducing menace of suicide

Suicide! Suicide! Suicide! This particular menace called suicide is the act of taking one’s life and this has been growing, especially in this generation and no one really knows what to do or say to stop those who have chosen to end their loves by that act.

The news has been filled with so much about people, especially youths, taking their own lives because they are depressed. Suicide affects the victim’s family, the community, and the county.

Campaigns have been all over the place in recent times pleading with people not to take their own lives but talk to someone who can understand and encourage them, but that has not been really efficient because we still wake up to the news of one person or another committing suicide every new day.

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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every year, close to 800,000 people take their own lives and there are many more people who attempt suicide.

In the last one month, there have been about four reported cases of suicide by youths, with some announcing their intentions to take their own lives on social media before actually committing the act.

Before now, the common trend of committing suicide was by jumping into lagoons, hanging, etc, but now, the new trend is taking poisonous substance especially amongst youths and we can’t but ask why?

Reports have it that suicide is usually rampant in low income countries among which is our country Nigeria. Should we blame Nigeria now?

The question now is how do we reduce suicide? Firstly, compulsory seminars and counselling should be at every educational level in the country.

Secondly, parents should always take note of their children’s behaviours. A parent should/would know better if their children are down and unhappy.

Also, cyber bullying must reduce on social media. Some people commit suicide because of this. Whenever we see a suicide note on social media, some people still go as far as saying, “die now, we are too many in this country,” “Your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you and you want to take your life, stupid boy/stupid girl.” Words like these won’t even encourage the victim not to commit the act at all.

Close friends of victims should take note too that, whenever you feel a victim has suicide tendencies, speak to someone who can help.

Also, we should pay close attention to the overall mental health of our loved ones and people around us. Showing empathy is a good approach and being open to understanding suicide and suicidal ideas can help those at risk by letting them know it is okay for them to share.

Faith Adeoye,