Re: “Did Gowon loot the Central Bank?”

The Nigerian Tribune, Monday, 30 November 2020 carried a piece written by Dr. Obadiah Mailafia. The last paragraph contained a half-truth about one of Africa’s great heroes, an “Uncommon Icon of probity,”  whose style of governance remained yet unequalled in the annals of Nigeria’s, General Murtala Mohammed, martyred in 1976  and who made a notable restitution before embarking on a cleanup exercise to save Nigeria from profligacy, cultism, corruption, ostentation, poverty etc.

To serve the public, such misinformation under the present yoke of debt accumulation, corruption, profligacy, ostentatious lifestyles and opulence of public office holders is extremely nauseating and deeply upsetting. Today, where is the Nigerian who would remain resolute to defend the sovereignty or die for the nation? A notable back-page prolific columnist of the Tribune, a megastar newspaper platform for unknown and the obscure voiceless Nigerian referred to as “Gushing nothingness,” General Murtala Mohammed’s frugality in governance could have saved us from the extreme poverty and the underdevelopment we are experiencing today in the country but for the intervention of reactionaries.

Such a frontal attack on his person should attract condemnation from mature educated minds free from ethnicity and any colouration of exaggerated flattery because it is misinformation.


  • John R. Jimoh, Ijebu-Ode.


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