Pro-Buhari protesters storm Alausa, kick against restructuring

Hundreds of protesters, on Wednesday, marched the streets of Ikeja, from Shoprites, through the Lagos State House of Assembly complex, down to the Government House,  Alausa, denouncing calls for restructuring Nigeria, coming from certain quarters, saying such was a coded way of calling for the disintegration of the Country.

The protesters, under the aegis of Stand Up Nigeria (SUN), led by its South West Coordinator, Mr. Oluwafemi Desmond Abiona, while declaring their total support for President Muhammadu Buhari, insisted that rather than restructuring the country, the critical issues that needed to be addressed were those bordering on corruption, impunity, insurrection and insurgency.

The leader of the protesters, contended that if the several ethnic nationalities that made up Nigeria felt unfulfilled,  it was because their leaders were corrupt, acted with impunity and promoted violence against their own ethnic stocks.

“Fortunately, these are the shortcomings that the present government had been tackling. “We are, therefore, urging Nigerians to look beyond the clamour for restructuring.”

Speaking further, Abiona stated “Corruption is now a crime. Insurrection or insurgency is a greater crime, while impunity is now the preserve of those that want to do time in jail. There is no better response from us as conscientious Nigerians than to pass a vote of confidence in President Buhari.

Those distracting the president with protests and calls for break up, are enemies of Nigeria and all well meaning citizens should call them to order,” he added.

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