Pimples on my breasts

I am a 15-year-old girl. I recently noticed something like pimples on my breasts (around my nipples) and my mum told me she hasn’t seen that kind of thing before. I will be grateful if you can tell me what it is and the solution.

Rabia (by SMS)


First, let me congratulate you on your ability to self- examine yourself. This is what every girl and woman should be encouraged to do in order to detect the presence of any breast abnormalities in time for them to be treated.   Fortunately, many cases of bumps and pimples on the nipples are completely harmless since it’s common to have small, painless bumps on the areola. However, if the pimples become painful or itchy and show symptoms like discharge, redness, or rashes, this could indicate another condition that needs to be treated. A visit to your doctor at this stage will then be recommended.

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