Panacea for Nigeria’s problems

If there is a willingness to see Nigeria move forward, then the following should be done by all stakeholders. Come 2023, we should call on all our political parties to scout for their respective presidential candidates from the South East only. Each political party would pick one person from any part of the South East, and present as their choice presidential candidate; when all the parties have chosen one person each from the zone, the whole country will then vote and make their choice out of the whole lot of them, and the person becomes Nigeria’s president of Igbo extraction.

When the South East finishes the usual two terms in office by then, the South West, the South South, the South East would have taken their turns in getting to that position of service.

We can then decide to change the system to only one term presidency of only six years for the office, no second term. Then it would move to the North again, that time where a presidential material has not come from before. All parties will choose their candidates from that zone alone. We should always use the six geo-political zones as our guide.

After that part of the North, we move down to South West again, after South West, North again, after North, South South, after South South, North again, after North, South East again, we continue in that manner. A body of committed, trusted and non-fanatical, detribalised Nigerians, perhaps retired justices, picked from the six geopolitical zones shall be put in place to monitor government at the federal level to see to it that each administration that comes in does not see their own opportunity as one to favour only his own side of the country while serving.

All natural resources that come from every part of the country shall be shared in a manner of 40 per cent to the zone, and 60 per cent to the federal. Federal character system should be modified and retained. Allowances of our lawmakers should be cut by 50 per cent, including those of the president and governors. Love and peace should continue to be preached through all mediums. I believe that with all these put in place Nigeria will live long in peace and harmony.

Alex Anozie, Ibadan.

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