On security measures at Ibadan Polytechnic

As most institutions of higher learning in Nigeria over the years were sited and still located on loose expanse of land, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, covering the South and North campuses is not an exception. The mass land on which the institution is located borders Sango on the South, Apete on the North, Eleyele on the West and University of Ibadan/Ajibode village on the East.

The opportunity of vast land has given and is still giving room for expansion and future development on the campuses in question whereas the vastness of the land could not give room for adequate perimeter fencing of the land due to financial implications.

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That could have been giving room to perpetration of crimes, cultism, armed robbery, rape, terrorism and any other imaginable acts. But when there is illumination, darkness is bound to vanish. Such is the recent development at The Polytechnic, Ibadan vicinity where massive wall fencing, cutting of thick forests along Apete road and other security measures are being glaringly put in place by the authorities of the institution in recent times.

This is highly commendable; hence, I say kudos to the Rector and the entire management and staff of the institution for striving so much to make the school environment conducive for students and staff.

Prince Adeolu Adeyefa (Olootu),



Nigerian Tribune

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