Nigeria needs a rebirth

WE keep wondering why there’s never progress and no one seems to know which way forward. In my last article, I made mention of broken policies which have taken away our peace, which would have ushered in prosperity in abundance. I have come to realize that as the giant of Africa and the Lion of Africa, which as I keep saying and will never stop saying, we will have to revisit what was designed in the year 1959 and rolled out in 1960. This is our great flag, the Nigerian flag.

Our founding fathers definitely had a divine insight as to why the colours were chosen. Greenstands for natural resources or vegetation (wealth), white stands for peace and again green means naturally resources or vegetation(weath).

The white colour binds both green colours together, but around us there is no peace; so, how can there be prosperity. Chaos is all we see around us.

Here’s a simple example, when we wish each other happy birthday. We always says, ‘Long life, peace and prosperity’. There’s no way, prosperity will come before peace is given.

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Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, was asked at a forum what he had for a state he visited. His answer was peace and prosperity.

It’s time we reflect and once again realized that Nigeria needs a rebirth. Let’s give back what we have all taken from each other. Let’s understand that we are all at fault so as to move forward. This is the time to stand as one. The more we fight the less peace we will have among us.

Nigeria needs a rebirth of Peace.

Nigeria first. God bless Nigeria and God bless Mr President.

Prince Taiwo Adegoke Thompson.


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